Suggested reading order…



The Damienverse is a series of interconnected books that, while standalone in nature, share characters and events from a wider story arc. The more books in the Damienverse you read, the more of the greater picture you’ll build.

Hell on Earth

The Hell on Earth series is a bestselling apocalyptic saga that begins with strange black stones appearing all across the globe. Nobody knows what the stones are or where they came from, but anyone who tries to get near one dies. What follows will change mankind forever.


Sarah Stone Series

The Sarah Stone series is akin to the television series 24, only with a female protagonist and set in the UK. Sarah is a damaged, angry individual who has a tough time following rules. She is also fearless and brilliant. Read the books to enjoy her and the MCU team’s attempts to prevent the biggest terrorist threats to national security.



Standalone novels might share some common elements, or even reference other books, but they should in essence be enjoyed as a standalone experience.


The Spread

Best Selling claustrophobic horror with a dash of body horror. A highly contagious fungus of unknown origin begins to spread in the Scottish highlands.