Your fear is their entertainment

Series: Damienverse, Book 2

Andrew Goodman has never been a victim.  Until now.

A local gang of youths has decided to target him with their sadistic games.

There’s no escape.

With his wife and daughter in danger, Andrew must face the hooded youths outside his door all by himself. If he doesn’t fight back, they will ruin his life forever.

#1 Amazon Thriller inspired by real events. Visceral and Compelling, for lovers of Eden Lake and the Girl Next Door.
A disturbing thrill-ride with hundreds of 5 star reviews and a plot that is a little too close to home

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★★★★★ I was unable to get it out of my head!
★★★★★ A novel of extreme violent terror made sickeningly real
★★★★★ The pace belted along and the book was hard to put down.

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