Dark Ride

Dark Ride

Are you brave enough to ride?

‘Bright Lights’ AJ Starr is a pro wrestler on the rise, and his life is about to change forever. Knowing this, he plans one last party with all of his best friends. The venue? Saxon Hills theme park, abandoned ten years ago after its flagship ride burned down and killed nine innocent people. Some people say the place is haunted, but AJ knows from his time inside the squared circle that fantasy and reality are totally separate things.

Or so he thought.

AJ has no idea how nightmarish things are about to get, and eventually he’ll be left wondering whether he brought his friends to Saxon Hills theme park to have fun. Or to die.

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Excellent fast paced story with an unseen twist at the end
Makes you wonder about the people you work with
An intense joyride filled with a solid shock and awe factor that will keep you turning pages

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