End Play

End Play

Series: Sarah Stone Series, Book 3

Old Nightmares and New Threats…

Sarah Stone is finished. The last year of her life has seen her face madmen and terrorists that will haunt her forever. This case will be her last.

The Flower Man is London’s worst ever serial killer, putting even Jack the Ripper to shame. Sarah can’t quit until she catches the monster and ensures no more innocent people are killed. A local tip off might just be the break she needs to find her man and get the job done for good.

But Sarah doesn’t know that an even bigger monster from her past has just awoken, and that the City of London is about to be devastated by the worst attack in it’s long and prestigious history. It’s already too late.

If Sarah doesn’t end the killing now, it will end her. She has one chance to get her life back, but time is running out. This is her end play.

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★★★★★ Non-stop action thriller
★★★★★ Terror full of terrorism
★★★★★ WOW

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