Final Winter

Final Winter

The snow is just the start…

It’s snowing over every inch of the Earth; something that should not be possible.

Grieving alcoholic Harry Jobson expected to end his night facedown in vomit like most nights down the pub, but the impossible blizzards have made old routines impossible, and he instead finds himself trapped with an odd group of strangers. Everyone is worried by the recent climatic events, but all Harry wants to do is drink alone.

But when the body of a mangled teenager crashes through the pub’s front window, Harry is forced to sober up and be the man he used to be. Something sinister lurks outside in the snow, and someone inside knows more than they’re letting on; someone who is keeping a terrible secret.

Seven additional short stories set during the events of The Final Winter, plus one additional stand-alone tale: THE PEELING OF SAMUEL LLOYD COLLINS

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★★★★★ I loved every minute of it.
★★★★★ There is a surprising twist to the end of the book.
★★★★★ Brilliant storyline with the right amount of horror.

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