Hot Zone

Hot Zone

Series: Sarah Stone Series, Book 2

Sarah Stone is missing.

The terrorism threat in the UK is growing day by day. MCU agent Howard Hopkins is heading to White Knight Hospital. Not because he’s sick, but because there’s been an outbreak of an infectious disease. Somebody has intentionally released Ebola Virus and it’s time for the Major Crimes Unit to act. If they fail, thousands will die painful, bloody deaths. This time, he’ll have to save the day without his partner, Sarah, who has been missing for months.

Eventually Sarah and Howard’s paths will cross again, but they might not be on the same side. Both are looking for the same man-a psychotic doctor with a grudge against Western civilisation, who won’t stop until Ebola, HIV, and Malaria are as much a threat in the United Kingdom and Europe as they are in the 3rd World.

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★★★★★ Gripping sequel
★★★★★ Fast paced
★★★★★ I love this series

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