House Beneath the Bridge

House Beneath the Bridge

Is it possible to infect a place with evil? Are some atrocities so awful that the land itself becomes contaminated?

And what would happen if you found yourself trapped in such a place?

What begins with a car crash on an ancient bridge ends with the ultimate sacrifice.

Tom and Sophie Sumner have been married for ten years. They won’t make it to eleven. Infidelity and neglect have torn their relationship apart and today they part ways forever. Sophie is going home to the village she grew up in. Cottontree. If there’s any chance of Tom persuading her to give their marriage one last chance, it’s now.

But Cottontree is a place with a much darker past than anybody knows, and the Sumners are about to have much bigger problems than their marriage.

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★★★★★ A terrifying journey into the nature of life, death, and regret
★★★★ Safe driving, especially over bridges!
★★★★★ Twists & plots galore!

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