The Peeling & Other Terrifying Tales

The Peeling & Other Terrifying Tales

The world’s most deadly disease is loose. 

Anyone who catches it is doomed.
Symptoms include coughing, sneezing, abdominal pain, and rotting of the flesh.
There is no cure. Infection is 100% fatal.

Stay calm. Please do not panic. The situation is under control.

It is under control.

The Peeling & Other Terrifying Tales is a collection of novellas and short stories. It begins with the 80-page novella THE PEELING, and also includes several short stories, most of which have never been published before. Full table of contents below:

1. THE PEELING 2018 (novella)
3. THE PEELING OMNIBUS (5 previously released novellas set in The Peeling universe)
4. EHLLF (short story)
5. VLOG LIFE (short story)
6. HEIRLOOMS (short story)
7. THE EAGLE & THE WOLF (short story)
8. CHICKEN BOY (short story)
9. THE WITNESS (short story)
10. THE BOB SAGA (1 previously released short story & 1 previously unpublished)

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★★★★★ An insane mix of short stories
★★★★★ Pure beautiful gore!
★★★★★ Disturbingly good read.

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