My world is chaos (and a note about Resurgence) ~ Iain Rob Wright

My world is chaos (and a note about Resurgence)

Hello friends, it’s time for my resurgence!

I’ve started to get comments and emails concerning the fact I have disappeared a little lately from Social media etc. The truth is that I have barely been in the office for the last 6 weeks. Prior to that, I was happily working on Resurgence, book 5 in the Hell on Earth series. Then I moved house! Then I changed my car. Also, my son is now school age, which means we are experiencing our first endless Summer holiday. Also, I really need to lose weight and lay off the wine.

All in all, it’s been a very stressful couple of months, and when I’m stressed, I procrastinate. Writer’s block is a myth, and if I sit down at my desk I can always write. Writer’s procrastination is the real gremlin to avoid. Rather than sit and write, I have been conducting countless missions to the tip (the dump for all your American folk), or researching the best bracket to mount my TV on the wall. I’ve been… distracted.

But that all ends now. The car is changed. The house is sorted. And I’m going to get less fat. I am back in the office and working hard to complete Resurgence. My editor is booked in for the 1st of September, so it should release later that month. Then, I intend to have a productive end to the year with another release before Christmas. I’m sorry I haven’t been writing faster!

Oh, and if you haven’t noticed, the new website is pretty much done. One cool feature is that there is a suggested reading order in place here: I will add to the site over time, but right now it should be fully functioning. I like it! Just as an FYI, the site was designed by Caro Begin at She’s a cool gal!

Love and snuggles,


15 Replies to “My world is chaos (and a note about Resurgence)”

  1. write faster you swine,(swine picky get it) glad to hear you are all sorted and don worry too much
    about the wine! cant wait for next book.
    all the best,jt

  2. Everyone has a life outside they’re career! Glad to hear you’re doing good!
    Can’t wait for the book!
    Mahalo 🌺

  3. Glad to hear you’re well and everything is settling down. Life can be crazy especially with kids in school. Take care!

  4. Glad you are ok! Perfectly fine to “procrastinate”, everyone needs a vacation now and then. Plus NOTHING is ever as important as children and family!

  5. Good to hear from you. I was beginning to wonder if you had taken the summer off so you, Sally, and your young lad to have a vacation. If you still connect with your Street Team, I hope my name is still on the list and I would love to hear from you as regards Resurgence and whatever comes next, and so on.
    On a sad note, my daughter lost her battle against liver cancer on June 17th, and it has been a pretty rough go, but I have determined to get myself out of the doldrums and live again.
    Hope to hear from you as above.
    Best regards to you and Sally.

  6. Glad i took the time to catch up with your world. I know all too well “disappearing” from social media.

    Sometimes – the stuff that you can reach out and touch needs your attention more. I double checked to make sure i was still on your email list. I had my 46th birthday at the beginning of the month… Threw me for a loop. Can we say full blown midlife nitro nuclear nonsensical crisis?

    I don’t know if I’m still a part of your Street Team, but I’d like to be. As always, sending those ethereal positivity vibes across the vast ocean to you and the family. 😊

    – Meg (a.k.a. White Queen on Amazon reviews)

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