My world is chaos (and a note about Resurgence)

I’ve started to get comments and emails concerning the fact I have disappeared a little lately from Social media etc. The truth is that I have barely been in the office for the last 6 weeks. Prior to that, I was happily working on Resurgence, book 5 in the Hell on Earth series. Then I moved house! Then I changed my car. Also, my son is now school age, which means we are experiencing our first endless Summer holiday. Also, I really need to lose weight and lay off the wine. Read more…

Resurgence – Chapter 1 preview

“What the…? Dog shit? You have got to be shitting me.” Smithy lifted his foot and winced as the smell hit his nose. He’d survived the end of the world, but dog shit was still the worst.

He wiped his trainer on some nearby grass, almost losing his temper completely. Not much happened during a typical day anymore, so something like this was enough to ruin his mood till bedtime.

Bloody mongrels.

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