The Spread: Book 1 (The Hill) is OUT NOW

My latest book, and book 1 in a brand new series is now available to buy on Amazon Kindle and paperback, with audio coming very soon.

You can also get it from book stores and libraries ISBN – 9781913523510

Here’s the description:

An ancient land breeds a new threat…

The Scottish Highlands; a sparse, mountainous region some say was carved by the gods themselves. Few places are as untouched as this harsh, prehistoric landscape. It is no place for man.

But nestled deep within the wilderness lies a cottage, and behind that cottage is a hill…

When a group of friends travel up from Manchester and hire the cottage for a weekend of boozy fun, they discover a threat far greater than the harsh landscape and unwelcoming weather.

Something deadly lies upon the hill.

And it’s spreading.

If you love claustrophobic horror with a dashing of body-horror then ‘The Spread’ will knock your socks off.

You can grab your copy here:

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